My home was built in 1973--no reason to think that this outlet isn't original. The outlet is in a bedroom with little use.

We had a nightlight short out in the outlet and smoke up. I assumed that it was a defective Chinese plastic-light issue; the light actually swivels around, breaking the electrical connection except in 90 degree positions. BUT something seems wrong.

The outlet has 4 Romex wires coming in. One of the Wires is a 10-3 and the others are 10-2. All whites wires were on one side of the outlet and all blacks were on the other. (OK) The copper grounds were attached to ground. (OK) The red of the 10-3, however is pigtailed to a GROUND WIRE. With the circuit shut off a the box, I still receive a hot 120 with one pair of wires--but the intended connections are off.

It SEEMS to me that a Traveler SHOULD NOT be wired to a Ground Wire. Does ANYONE know of a time that you would do this?

If no other outlets are effected, I'm inclined to terminate the use of the traveler.

Any comments would be appreciated.