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Thread: Vikrell Versus Acrylic

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    Default Vikrell Versus Acrylic

    I am starting a 2 bathroom remodel on a second floor condo built on pilings 400 feet from the Atlantic Ocean.
    I am going to use either a Sterling All Pro Vikrell tub Model # 61041110 30x60x15 and a Sterling Ensamble Vikrell shower base #72121100 48x34x 4.5 with center drain.They both will be mounted in a mortar bed.
    My second choice would be a Lasco Acrylic tub # 6030AIS 30x60x17 and a Lasco #4834 APANB Acrylic center drain shower pan both mounted in Structolite. Both bathrooms walls and floors will be tiled to a cement type board.
    Since the building moves due to wind etc. I am open for any and all suggestions.
    I am also seeking the answer to the frequent asked question, which is better Vikrell or Acrylic? Please respond. Bob H.

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    Talking go with the sterling

    sterling is much more durable
    much nicer unit....

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    Default sterling

    I am not sure what is meant by "sturdier", but the Sterling tubs and showers I have had to install for customers have ALL been the thinnest, lightest material I have ever worked with. One tub was so light that a teenager could have carried it on his shoulder. In that case it was a benefit, because it had to be inserted and removed several times to get everything to fit properly, but I would NEVER furnish one if I had to give any kind of guarantee for the installation.


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