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Thread: receptacle piggy backing

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    Quote Originally Posted by jetlag View Post
    On a regular recep you can use the side screws and the back push in holes . but the side screws on a gfci rec are not for wires, they pull down the clamps on the back wire slots
    How do you hook a gfi to 12 gauge, then?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jar546 View Post
    A bathroom circuit that feeds multiple bathroom outlets can have the bathroom lights on it. The required 20A circuit for the bathroom RECEPTACLES can only feed the receptacles in multiple bathrooms if nothing else is fed by the circuit. Otherwise the required 20A circuit for the GFCI receptacle in a single bathroom can also feed lighting and other outlets.

    The key is the definition of the word "outlet". An outlet can be a receptacle or a light or even a smoke detector, not that you would put a sd in a bathroom.
    The NEC at article 210.11(C)(3) states-
    Bathroom Branch Circuits. In addition to the number of branch circuits required by other parts of this section, at least one 20-ampere branch circuit shall be provided to supply bathroom receptacle outlet(s). Such circuits shall have no other outlets.

    Exception: Where the 20-ampere circuit supplies a single bathroom, outlets for other equipment within the same bathroom shall be permitted to be supplied in accordance with 210.23(A)(1) and (A)(2).

    In article 100 - Definitions
    Receptacle - A receptacle is a contact device installed at the outlet for the connection of an attachment plug. A single receptacle is a single contact device with no other contact device on the same yoke. A multiple receptacle is two or more contact devices on the same yoke.

    Lighting outlet - An outlet intended for the direct connection of a lampholder or luminaire.

    Lighting outlets, other than lamps do not have attachment plugs. So they do not qualify as receptacle outlets.

    Therefore if the circuit leaves the bathroom to go to another bathroom you cannot put the bath lights on the circuit.

    Just to clarifly that to put light outlets on the circuit it cannot leave the single bathroom.
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