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Thread: Installing Overhead light, have question.

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    I am trying to pull power from an outlet but they all seem to have to sets of wires coming into them.
    Pull the power from the switch.

    Can I just tie into one of the wires up in the crawl space using a another box?
    You can pull power from a circuit in the attic but you still need to get down the wall to the switch for your light. You must make sure it's not a switch leg, a 240V circuit or some other circuit that would be illegal to tap (kit counter top receps etc)

    That said, never put a Jbox in a small attic/crawl space unless there is no other option. Keeping your electrical system in "stock" condition is important.

    In your case, I would have eliminated the switched recep and run a cable from the switch to the overhead light. It's not too tough if you have attic access and you pull the switch box out to gain easy access to the wall cavity.

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    I found the receptacle in the room that was at the end of the run. I had to move quite a bunch of things to get to it. This will be no different than the other 2 overhead lights I installed before. I gotta admit, being an electrician would not be for me, more power to those who do it. I will stick to what I do. Thanks for all the kind help.


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