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    How do I get started at determining what my local codes are? Are codes typically based on city, county, state or a combination of all of these. Any idea what type of organization or title of person I can contact to get the codes? Any help is appreciated...or if someone wants to develop a website where I type in my zip code and a few key words and the appropriate code pops out that would work, also

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    Usually you will find your local permit office invaluable. They can direct you to specifics. On the other hand, I'm remodeling my basement and have had 5 inspections so far.... (passed them all thank you).... and have found that "codes" vary inspector by inspector......

    General codes are usually found in DIY "help" books pertaining to the subject matter your looking for. While not specific to a municipality, they do give what is "usual and customary".

    This web site will help you with specifics you can't find elsewhere.... there is a wealth of knowledge here - take advantage of it.
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    the various inspectors loooooooove to tell you what's not to code, that's for sure... not that I would be guilty, however

    the best way to know the codes is to either purchase them (usually premium bucks, but necessary if you do it for a living) or find out from the tradesmen themselves (which alot of them don't like to reveal, after all they make their money providing the service, not teaching people how to do it). The various municipalities find themselves in the interesting position of homeowner/DIY'ers pulling the permits to do their own work... which I think is nuts! How can you expect the average homeowner to understand what they're taking on? But rules are rules, if you own the place you get to do it all! So I suggest you to research your local rules to the best of your abilities through your city hall so you can avoid the headache and pocketbook-ache of having the project fail inspections due to lack of knowledge.

    Here's the line I draw: doing reno and feel up to making some mistakes as well as progress and have some time? go for it! taking on an unsavoury project that needs to be done in a reasonable time and requires permits? hire tradesmen!

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    Default mike, we need to know where you live

    and which codes you,re refering too. in addition to adopting a particular code. the city or county usually has there own amendments. there is a good chance that one of the members, lives in your area, and can answer any and all questions

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    depending on where you live, there is usually at least one plumbing supplier who caters to the pros AND goes out of its way to help the DIYer. The trick is often to find him. (HINT: the logo probably won't have an orange box in it) These guys not only know the codes, but they are usually familiar with the construction practices (both good and bad!) in your area - and how to deal with them. They carry lots of parts the boxes won't, and will order what they don't have. And I've found their prices competitive with the boxes - cheaper if you factor in the free advice. And if you decide not to DIY they can hook you up with a plumber who will, and who wants to keep getting referrals from these guys.


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    When I recently tried to find local or even state plumbing code, I was surprised and disappointed to find no online provider of the information. I would think the primary reason code exists is for safety and general efficiency. Seems like a good thing to share with people, right? There's probably a great reason to keep it hard to find, but I don't know it.

    I ended up finding all the code info I needed, however. At my local library! In the reference section. For free.

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    Go to: http://www.firstsourceonl.com/codes/index.asp
    Register for free and then you can check out which codes pertain to your particular geographic situation.


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