I live in a 40 year-old house with 40 year-old plumbing.

From time to time, my toilet stops draining, and I have to have the plumber to augar the main line to the street for tree roots and/or biofilm gook buildup.

Lately, my toilet has been draining kind of slow, and I can hear water running deep in the drain pipes long after it has flushed, plus today I got a good whiff of sewer gas.

I'm a little short on dough this time, and I'd like to stop the problem before it gets worse....

Would it help to flush a box of Rid-X and let the little yeasty fellers eat the gook in the main sewer line to the street?

I also might try a cup of copper sulfate to kill the tree roots in the main line after I try thr Rid-X.

Does my plan sound sensible to you seasoned pros?

Thank you kindly,