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Thread: I got out the car

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    My first ticket, I was so nervous, I just handed the policeman my entire wallet.
    He got real mad and said I wasn't doing it right.
    They don't really tell you how to get your first ticket.

    Hey dad, tell he what to do when I get my first ticket.

    Yeah right.
    All he ever said was,

    "Don't get a ticket and embarrass me."

    I guess I didn't have that part figured out real well.
    I think I got three tickets in six weeks.

    One ticket, the cop followed me for one mile, and waited until I was in front of my fathers house, to pull me over.
    They knew where he lived, he was the judge.

    So Ian, never hand the cop your wallet.
    They will think you are trying to bribe them.
    Even if you are sixteen, and there isn't any money in the wallet.
    They're funny that way.

    Also, remember to turn off the radio.
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