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Thread: Connecting 2 water tanks to 1 pump

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    Default Connecting 2 water tanks to 1 pump


    I have 2 water tanks on the roof of my house. One of them was recently added because we were running out of water in the early evening. Major road construction nearby and some water supply lines to our neighborhood have cut, so our municipality has been rationing water to our area (I'm in the Middle-east).

    I have connected the 2 tanks with a tee, but I'm finding that it may be a little more complicated than that. It seems that when the main tank is empty, the pump stops working. I guess its drawing air and automatically shuts off, even when the other tank has plenty left.

    My pump details here.

    Is there a 'proper' way to connect 2 water tanks to this pump?


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    Show us or at least describe the plumbing of the tanks.
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    Thanks, heres a rough sketch:

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    Quote Originally Posted by blued View Post
    Thanks, heres a rough sketch:

    The piping from each tank should be equal in length to the pump.

    IE the pump should be moved towards the left so that the connections coming out of the tee are the same length going to the 90s and up into the tank.

    This will cause the pump to draw off each tank evenly!

    Like this

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    OK, got you. Will have to move the pump and redo the piping then. Thanks.

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    just center piping. breid..........


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