I have a second floor utility room containing a washer dryer, heat pump/AC air handler and water heater (electric).

This room has a floor drain in one corner.

When I bought the place two piples were running losesly into the floor drain:
1) main condensate for a/c
2) water heater expansion valve

In cleaning up the room about ten years ago I added:
1) 1" pvc running from a knock out I opened on the side of the water heater drip pan
2) 1" pcv running from secondary drip pan under ac
3) 1" pvc running from a knockout I opened on the side of washing machine drip pan.

Here are my questions:

1) the drain from the water heater emergency expansion vale looks like a strange thing to me. Despite this I replaced it as it was when I replaced my water heater couple of years ago. I also blow it out every couple of years and it seems to go down the drain. What is the proper thing to do with expansion valve on upper floor water heater?: a) leave it as is from factory, b) copper pipe straight down nearer to drip pan or c) as it is to the floor drain?

2) The floor drain seems operational with no problems and it seems this utility room was done in the early 1970's. I know it drains ok with constant trickle as it handled the condensate for the ac fine in summer and I also never get strange smells.

a) Is there anything I should look for to make sure it is fully working or to clean it? I am going to put down new flooring barely graded to the drain since there are so many things there that can leak.