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Thread: Kohler WellWorth Pressure Lite -- comments?

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    Default Kohler WellWorth Pressure Lite -- comments?

    Currently I have two of the Crane Galaxy Elite 3792 1.6 GPF toilet (Map 500) that I am very unhappy with. The things has to be flushed several times to clean the bowl (sometimes twice with just a pee). I live on the lowest level of a 9 story condo building with 300 of these toilets installed (146 condo units). So I have two questions --

    Would me being on the lowest level of the building affect toilet performance? Other neighbors (on higher levels) have secretly commented to me that they are not happy with the performance as the toilets have aged (only 4 years old).

    Secondly I am looking at a pressure assist toilet, the Kohler Wellworth Pressure Lite (1 GPF model). I am looking for a toilet that cleans and evacuates with one flush.

    Advice and information would be appreciated. If we have 300 of these toilets that have to a double flush toilet to work, the water utility invoice for the building is much higher than it needs to be.



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    The Kohler uses a Flushmate pressure assist toilet.
    I would buy one first, put it in your unit, and see how it works.

    I had one for a while, and sometimes the cartridge would leak.
    At night, I would turn off the water supply so it didn't keep me awake.

    1 gallon is not very much for bowl wash.
    But plug the thing in, and see what it does.
    I was kind of embarrassed when someone else used that bathroom.

    It never plugged.
    That was the good part.
    It didn't save any water, it was leaking much of the time.
    I used the other bathroom at night, not wanting to wake others up.

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    Default flushmate

    I installed a Kohler Flushmate, as far as i'm concerned, other than noisy, there is not another toliet that compares when removing solid wastes in one flush


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