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Thread: Vandalized & Beaten AC Compressor - Has anyone seen this before?

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    Unhappy Vandalized & Beaten AC Compressor - Has anyone seen this before?

    We live in a 5 unit condo. Each unit has a separate HVAC system and the compressors for 3 of the units are out back in an alley. Last week someone tipped over all 3 units onto their sides and it looks like they beat them with a bat or jumped on them. No copper was stolen and it doesn't look like they were trying to open them.

    The police came out to file a report, and they haven't seen this before... and Washington DC is a pretty crazy. Has anyone else seen anything like this before?

    Our unit is the American Standard in the middle. We are having someone come out to take a look at it. It doesn't look like the lines are broken and there is no oil leaking. The exterior housing is bent, the fins look crushed, but the coil does not look bent. What are the chance that we will be able to stand it up right and get it going again?
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