I can't seem to find what I'm looking for at Lowes, HD, or Ace.

For the bathroom vanity drain, the existing plumbing has a rusty galvanized pipe nipple sticking out of the wall. They are an absolute bearcat to get out and I don't have enough room, nor the desire to. When I remodeled a different bathroom, I did remove it but the walls were down to the studs and nothing was in the room so it was easy.


I want a female 1.25" NPT x 1.5" or 1.25" trap adapter. (I'm using a 1.25" trap)

I could also use a 1.25" female NPT x 1.25" socket weld, but I can't find a socket weld trap adapter in 1.25".

Last night I made up some ugly conglomeration of pvc that works but I'd like to replace it. It was a 1.25" female NPT x 1.25" socket weld, section of 1.25" pvc, 1.5" socket weld to 1.25" socket weld bushing, and then a 1.5" trap adapter.

Can anybody lead me to something cleaner?