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Thread: Bubbling toilet and shower

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    Default Bubbling toilet and shower

    - I have a basement bathroom with 2 sinks a toilet and a shower.
    - The home has 2 septic systems so the basement setup has a dedicated septic system.
    - When my sinks run the toilet bubbles and burps. If you were to flush it while it were bubbling the water would not go down and the shower will spurt a little bit from its drain.
    - The toilet drain is in the concrete and my assumption is the shower drain is as well.
    - there is no sewer gas smell in the room
    - Nothing overflows.

    There are two vents I can see, Vent #1 in the picture is an under sink type and the #2 is a long 2" vent that seems to twist and turn up through the attic and out. My assessment, from what I can see without demo'ing half of the house is that this vent #2 has quite a few sharp bends in it before exiting.

    There is an iron domed clean out outside the house

    When I bought the home 3 years ago this condition existed and I had a plumber snake out from the toilet to the tank to attempt to remedy the issue, which seemed to help, although I can't say for sure.
    My only thought is that there is a venting problem somewhere. Does anyone have any thoughts? What is occurring that causes the bubbling?
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