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Thread: spike in ng usage

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    Quote Originally Posted by trw888 View Post
    We went from 9 therms in Oct. 08 to 14 therms in Oct. 09 and from 11 therms in Nov. 08 to 18 therms in Nov. 09.
    That's a pretty large increase without any assignable cause. In two months of comparison your gas use increased from 20 therms to 32 therms, a 60% increase. If your habits/vacation absence truly are unchanged and the weather has been comparable then it appears to be a significant difference. It might not be a problem, but I would check the unit daily for awhile to make sure it hasn't sprung a leak.

    In 17 years has the unit ever been serviced or blown down?

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    I've only owned the house for four years. During that time I've flushed the heater twice, but nothing else. I have no idea what, if anything, was done to the heater before that.


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