I have a Richmond Power Vent 2 heater that is 4.5 years old and the blower stopped running the other day. It hummed but wouldn't run. I removed it and found that there was exhaust buildup which seemed to be binding the motor shaft. I cleaned it out as best I could (not being able to separate the impeller housing) so that the shaft was free and reinstalled it. I monitored the running motor about an hour and all seemed to be just fine. Now two days later, I have the same problem and I'm wondering if the problem could actually be bearing failure or will I have to clean out the exhaust buildup more completely?

The motor has what appears to be sealed ballbearing which should not need lubrication.

I am wondering if anyone else has experienced a similar problem and what the solution was.

I am aware that the manufacturer recommends a whole new blower assembly (very expensive). But, I know that I should be able to replace the bearings if I can separate the housing.

I need to know how to separate the blower housing halves. They should just separate after the bolts are removed but there must be some trick to breaking any seal caused by the exhaust buildup.

Any and all suggestions will be much appreciated, thanks for your help.