We are looking at heating approximately a 400sqft loft above a garage. Only option is electric as there is no gas.

Wall insulation is most likely sparse, but this is a double bricked structure with plaster walls, if that makes any difference, but it also has 7 windows and is a free standing structure, so it is exposed on all sides to weather.

Initially we looked into baseboard heat, which may still be the best option; however, I've been reading about things like the EdenPure heater and am curious if those are a viable option. Reviews seem to be mixed.

Let me start by saying, I realize they aren't going to provide some "miracle" heat like some people might think. If they aren't a total scam, here is my logic...
1) I can get an EdenPure that is rated to heat 1000sqft for about $400. Overkill maybe, but I'd rather have too much heater for only $100more, than not enough heater. For $300 they sell their heater that will heat up to 300sqft. These plug directly into a
2) I'm told the hydronic, liquid filled electric, baseboard heaters are a better bet/more cost effective than just an electric baseboard because they radiate the heat out long after the unit shuts off. Two hydronic baseboards will run about $400-$500, not including cost to install or thermostats. I figure, it'd take 2 units to heat this space. Might try with 1 for starters, but a 2nd would most likely be needed or something else to suppliment with.

So with that said, I'd love some feedback.