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Thread: Help Please, Thermal Expansion Control Valve

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    Default Help Please, Thermal Expansion Control Valve


    I love this forum and it has helped a lot. We have purchased a new house and I have had some problems with the hot water heater. It is a 2002 State Select Power vent. It was a REO and was winterized when we bought it so when we first fired it up the T&P was leaking. I replaced it and all was well...so I thought. Friday the Thermal Expansion Control Valve was not just dripping put trickling steadily, I replaced it but it has not stopped the problem. It is leaking quite a bit.

    Is this a pressure problem or is it because the hot water heater is set to high? Do we need an expansion tank?

    Thanks so much.
    Last edited by rhumbaclave; 11-16-2009 at 06:26 AM. Reason: Completely messed up the description. It was a T&P leaking not a preasure relief.


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