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Thread: Old Bath/Shower Control - Who Makes?

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    Default Old Bath/Shower Control - Who Makes?

    We've got an old cartridge-type single-handle control in our townhouse bathroom in Arlington, VA. It controls the shower/bath, and has become difficult to turn, and in addition does not control hot or cold water well, so I think the cartridge needs to be replaced.

    There is NO identification on the handle, body, etc, and I've not seen one quite like it before (see attached photo). Anyone have any idea who the manufacturer might be?

    Many thanks!

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    Default faucet

    It is a Moen faucet and the handle has come apart. You will probably have a difficult time removing the cartridge and might want to have a plumber do it, since he should have the necessary items to pull it without damaging the faucet.

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    This is a Moen. The replacement part is a Moen 1200 ( all brass) or you can use the 1225 (palstic).

    Remove the screw which is holding the remnants of the handle. The sleeve with the "bump" on top just pulls off. Not necessary at this point to remove the plate. Under the "bump" on the sleeve, you will see the top of a horeshoe-shaped bronze clip. This is what holds the cartridge in. TURN OFF the main water, then remove the clip. Now comes the hard part. In theory, you just grap the end of the stem with pliers and pull it out. However, they are notoriously difficult ( stuck) . A special puller tool is abvailable at any harware or plumbing store. Even with that, this could be an all day project. There are a number of "special" techniques which various plumbers use. Do not tackle this on Sunday afternoon, when the stores are closed and all the internet plumbers are watching football!

    Don't want to turn you off, but this job can end up with all your water turned off for a lengthy period! Worst case scenario is you have to access inside the wall either from the back or thru the tile, to replace the whole thing. I'll let some other guys chime in. I have painted the worst possible case. You probably will be better off, but most plumbers can tell you a story about this one!

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    Default Many thanks for advice

    hj and jimbo,

    many thanks for the prompt response. I was kind of leaning toward having a plumber do this - I've replaced a number or Moen cartridges, but this did NOT look like your average bear, which your replies have confirmed.

    Thanks again!


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