I am working on a newly tiled bathroom. Due to circumstances beyond my control, the old toilet flange is now 1 3/4" below the newly tiled floor. (Tile setters did this for leveling (long story, not important). Tile is finished in a very nice circle around and above the flange.

In addition, due to the thickness of the new tile on the wall behind the toilet, the rough-in dimension is now only 11".

So, my question is twofold:
1. Am I OK to install the toilet with what will be about two inches of wax rings? (The alternative is to breakout some NEW tile, down to the wood floor and move the plumbing and flange up and forward).

2. If 2 inches of wax is not going to be a problem...what suggestions for toilets?
I think I'd be better off with a Toto with the Unifit system.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.