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Thread: Delta 1300-sudden loss of pressure...

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    Default Delta 1300-sudden loss of pressure...

    I have a fifteen year old Delta shower, it's a single lever that turns counter-clockwise. (It appears to be a 1300 or 1400.)The water pressure recently loss pressure. It is extremely low coming out of the lower faucet, not just the head. Why the sudden drop in pressure?

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    Talking new cartridge....

    tub and shower faucet or just a shower??

    you probably might just want to take the shower head off

    and see if it is clogged up first....

    the 1300 cartridge is pretty easy to change and most likely
    either the hot or cold side of htat valve has clogged up with
    something, basically shutting down the valve...

    pull the cartridge out and get another one $35+

    blast out a stream of water first before installing the new part
    to be sure that their is no sediment hanging around in the valve body

    Please note that
    the 1400 can be an absolute pain in the ass to get adjusted properly...

    I just tangled with one last week.


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