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Thread: NPS water meter?

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    Default NPS water meter?

    Argh! I replaced nearly my entire house plumbing with Uponor/Wisbro PEX over the last 2-3 months; I had a lot of 3/8.

    Anyway, today was the home stretch... To the MAIN! woot! finally....

    The water meter is this plastic device (wireless/sends usage) , but it is NPS. I called the water co. but they are closed and open only to emergencies.

    So a few minutes ago I cut right behind the device to sweat in a temp PEX adapter.

    Is my only option to wait for the water co to give me an NPT device or NPS -> NPT adapter of some sort?

    Thanks for any assistance!

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    I would wait for them to give the device. If they don't charge you could possibly ask them to even come and change it out for you. Seeing how the meter is their device and if you break it you bought it

    In my city the public works department does this kind of thing for free.

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    Ty for the advice, kind of in unknown territory. thanks

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    Default meter

    How about a picture, since I have NEVER seen a water meter without "union tailpieces" which had a male IPS thread. Is that what you mean when you say it is IPS?


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