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Thread: Plumber's putty drying time, and other loose ends...

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    Default Plumber's putty drying time, and other loose ends...

    From the moment the plumber's putty is applied to the drain, the drain gets screwed in, and the tub's flanges are fastened to the boards surrounding it... how much time has to elapse before the tub can be safely filled with water?

    Also, if a skirt-free tub with 3 flanges (for alcove) and one lip (for the front) has the 3 flanges nailed to its surrounding boards, is it safe to carefully use the tub for showering before the final front wall is built, as long as weight doesn't get directly put onto the unsupported rim?

    The urgency of getting my shower operational ASAP has increased a bit... for the past few days, I've been taking showers in the back yard with a garden hose. It's apparently going to be cold tomorrow, and stay that way for a few days. Hosing off with tepid water when it's 80 degrees outside is one thing... hosing off with cold water when it's 65 degrees is another matter entirely ;-)

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    There's no 'drying' time for plumber's putty...

    If the bottom and other edges are properly supported with ledger boards as called for in the instructions of (nearly any) tub, you should be able to take a shower in it. I assume you're going to put up either a circular shower curtain or some plastic in the meantime until the walls are waterproofed.
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    jadnashua is right...if installed right a tub will never leak if the drain is installed right...starting from as soon as you stop turning the wrench...


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