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Thread: Want to run new feed to garage

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    Default Want to run new feed to garage

    I purchased my home about 2 year ago. The previous owner has used an exterior 12/2 with ground direct burrial cable to provide power to the garage.

    I would like to add a 220V circuit and up the power to the garage.

    I will abandon the 12/2 and run 6/3 with ground (romex, unless there is good reason to use single strand wires) in 2 1/2" conduit (underground). With a directly wired (No master) 100 amp 6 slot box mounted in the garage.

    Total wire run length is ~60 feet (box to box including bends). Actual distance is about 45 feet.

    I would use the 50 amp circuit in the house panel for the main.

    In the box, i would have a 20amp 220v circut, and then two 110v circuits, 15 and 20 amp

    So, if there are no problelms with this configuration, i do have a question about the grounding of the 100 amp box. The box comes with a grounding screw to connect the ground strip with the box. Do i use this?

    Thank you
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