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Thread: Basement Ejector Pump Venting for Washing Machine

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    Cool Basement Ejector Pump Venting for Washing Machine

    I have an existing wet vented ejector system in my basement floor. I am planning on adding a washing machine drain to this system and have some questions about the best way to do this.

    I have an attached proposed diagram to help explain the system and questions that I have.

    If anyone has better suggestions - feel free to suggest and I can update the diagram :}

    My questions about this proposed rough-in:
    1. Can the washing machine vent "C" share the stack with ejector pump?
    (best if it does not, but I do not have another accessible vent)

    2. Does this washer drain need to be vented in the first place?
    (since rest of system is wet vented - will add or not adding the vent cause trap problems?)

    3. Curious, can vent C be 2" pipe instead of a standard 1 1/2" pipe
    (Is there a reason that standard vents are 1 1/2" for flow, etc.?)

    4. Should I vent sink E? or leave it wet vented like the rest of that system?
    Will venting cause problems pulling the traps?

    Thanks and look forward to recommendations!
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