I need to make a connection from Polybutylen (PB) to PEX (Wirsbo). I bought the "PB to PEX fitting" (wirsbro brand) but it doesn't come with the crimp ring for the PB side. Oh well, a trip to HD.

I found the "PB to PEX fittings" at HD today. Not the same brand PEX I 'm using. Also HD's has a black crimp ring and a copper crimp ring but it doesn't say which ring is for the PB and which it for the PEX. I bought two fittings just to get the crimp rings. Now how do I crimp the rings?

Next to the fitting they have a "pocket crimper" with "go, no-go" gauge. But it says on the package "for PEX", and the PEX they sell at HD is not Wirsbro.

Will this crimper work on the PB crimp ring?

Is the go, no-go guage meant for the PB ring or the PEX ring, or both?

What kind of crimpers do the pros use? Thanks.