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Thread: Need help, snapped coupler thread off plastic supply line

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    Exclamation Need help, snapped coupler thread off plastic supply line


    Excuse my newbie-ness and apologies if I use the wrong terms for things. Doing a small bathroom reno, removed old vanity+sink, etc. Stupidly tried replacing old sticky cutoff valves with new valves.

    When I turned the house water on, the cold pipe+valve did not leak - yay. But there was a small leak from the hot pipe+valve, so I did something really dumb. I tried tightening the valve nut really hard with the water pressure still on. You can guess what happened next. CRACK! WHOOSH! Instant fire hydrant.

    Now my house water is off -- trying to get a plumber in but so far no luck, so thought I'd post here. Please see attached pics.

    What should I do? What is this plastic threaded thing at the end of the (orange) hot water pipe, how do I get it off (it seems glued/cemented in place), and how do I replace it with something so I can put a new cutoff valve in place? Until I do I cannot turn on my whole house water or else it will spew out this pipe.

    If I were walking into Lowes/Home Depot/local indie shop, what would I say I need (besides a new cutoff valve, since the old one is now jammed with the bit of plastic that broke off).

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