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Thread: Leak from 2nd floor bathtub through ceiling

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    Default Leak from 2nd floor bathtub through ceiling

    we have a leak in our upstairs bathtub which is leaking through our ceiling. the maintenance guy says that the reason it is leakin is because he hasn't put the stopper in for the drain that keeps the bathtub from over flowing. but when it was leaking it was spraying out water and filled up a bowl in about 1 minute. so i want to know if that what the maintenance guy said sounds to be true or if there is probably a bigger problem then what he is leading on.

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    I don't know about yours, but my tub had a very tiny crack in it and eventually, made a huge mess leaking into the kitchen. I really hope this is not your case.

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    The story does not add up. Almost all tubs have an overflow fitting on the end wall. It does not involve any "stopper" but is an area that can leak if the gasket is bad, and the tub is filled up past that level ..Can you post a pic?


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