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Thread: PRV Installation Necessary???

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    Question PRV Installation Necessary???

    Hi guys!

    We received a letter from the county that there is going to be a significant increase in water pressure and we should install a PRV. We already have a PRV along with a thermal expansion tank installed where the pipe comes into the house, but it was suggested we have one installed at the water meter. Is this necessary? There are several neighbors who have had pipes break in their yards and I am getting concerned.

    Also, what is an estimate of what this would cost. Just trying to get an idea of if it is necessary, how much am I going to have to spend.

    Thanks in advance for your replies!

    Charlotte, NC

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    One PRV is enough. As far a neighbors having their pipes burst under pressure, the only way that would happen is if their pipes were corroded and the added pressure hastened their demise. If your pipe from the meter is old galvanized steel, you might want to replace it with copper or PVC, but just adding a PRV at the meter would only serve to delay not prevent the pipes from leaking. Any water pipe in good condition will hold all of the water pressure your city is apt to put into their water main.


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