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Thread: Proper install of power lead cable for suntouch mat

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    Default Proper install of power lead cable for suntouch mat

    What is the proper way to install the 120V "power lead" to suntouch underfloor radiant heating mats. The lead is 3 wires smaller that 14 awg with a woven metal jacket. The install instructions say use conduit "if required".I can't figure out from the code if conduit is needed or not - if I treat it like NM then install is a snap as I can meet the 1 1/4" distance from the face of the studs.

    If conduit is required, I was thinking flexible metal conduit although that won't meet code as far as physical protection and will likely not clear the 1 1/4 " distance to the face of the studs... but will be a lot easier than 1/2" emt which doesn't need the 1 1/4 clearance.

    The section I'm asking about is between the bottom plate of the wall and the junction box where it connects to the power source and thermostat approx 5' up the stud bay.

    Also there is a temp sensor wire - small pair of wires in a cable about the size of a std phone cable.

    I don't think it should be in the conduit with the 120V power lead, but also doesn't need conduit... my question is what is the proper way to bring it into the junction box? a NM clamp?


    Bob M

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    You have 2 replies on the other forum where you asked the same question.


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