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Thread: We have a new jeffery dalmer!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ian Gills View Post
    It's conservative.

    Neither liberals nor conservatives condone rape or murder. But as a liberal, you won't catch me in a church on a Sunday....or a Saturday.

    Perhaps for a wedding...

    Less God, more Government. That's what we need.

    You may ask why we are such a Godless lot in Europe? Well during the two World Wars, Europe (including Russia) lost 50 million lives. The US, closer to 600,000.

    That tends to dent church numbers a little.

    Sorry, Ian but maybe would had been less if maybe, more praying.
    God bless England and America.
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    Quote Originally Posted by frenchie View Post
    Regular everyday murders - yeah, sure. We have 4 times as many of those, as England does.

    I'm not sure why people distrust cops so much, here.

    I've often wondered the same thing.

    I was doing a job for this lawyer the other day, he's a trustee for the lady whose house I'm working on (she's 91). We got there early, she was at getting an award at the Legion Hall... so we're standing there, waiting, and the cops pull up to ask us who we are, etc.

    I'm quite happy about this, thinking how nice it is that this lady's neighbours keep an eye out for her; especially when I see the cops seem familiar with her...

    She lives there by herself (nursing aide in the day, but alone at night), is too frail to walk, and it's not the best neighbourhood. Maybe it was okay, back in '64 when she bought the house, but nowadays it's pretty sketchy. I worry about her sometimes.

    So, I'm quite happy to have the cops turn up & ask us why we're loitering there. But the lawyer? Usually, he's a silver-tongued charmer, really smooth... when this cop asks him our business, he turned into a tongue-tied, stammering, idiot. I actually had to cut in and answer the cop's questions.

    I've known him for 5 years, I have never seen him like that before...

    Maybe... you THINK, you know him,

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    More bodys found.....

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    Talking It isnt over yet.....

    the smell in Cleveland is back all around that home.. looks like more will turn up....



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