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Thread: One thermostat for room with two zones

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    Default One thermostat for room with two zones

    I've been renovating my 150 house that on the coldest days never had a warm kitchen. I now have radiant heat in the floor in the kitchen on it's own zone and that should take care of me most days. The heat loss analysis says this won't be enough heat on some days so I also have a radiator in the same room also on it's own unique zone. Now the challenge is controlling them. One way would be to use two thermostats but I'd rather not have too much electronics on the wall in the old house. If I had two I could set the floor to 68 and the radiator to 63 (for example) so at least when I go to the kitchen in the morning, usually the worst time, it's not unbearably cold.

    My question is if anyone knows of a single thermostat that can control both zones in the kitchen in the way I need?



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    Very common in Europe is to put a thermostatic control valve on the radiator. these are all mechanical, and adjustable. Essentially, it opens when the temp drops below the set point, and closes again when it gets at or above. This assumes that the circulator is on as it doesn't do anything to control that.
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