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Thread: Looking for tub with dome / canopy / hood

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    Default Looking for tub with dome / canopy / hood

    We renovated our bathroom in 1984 and purchased an Aker tub with a 4-piece wall and dome set. It's just a regular tub (no jets or any other special items) that cost under $400 back then and we'd really like to buy a similar unit for another renovation.

    Unfortunately, I am unable to locate the Aker company or any other company that offers a similar setup. no luck at my local Home Depot either.

    Can anyone recommend a tub product that is not a one-piece unit, but does offer a dome?

    Thank you.

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    Default MAAX tub shower

    Standard Feature(s)

    • Integrated apron with access panel
    • Integrated shelves
    • Integrated soap dishes
    • Integrated towel bar
    • Left or right-hand drain
    • Roof cap

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    Default Maax Tub

    Thanks, Terry. It's been a long time since I visited this site, but we did purchase a Maax domed tub like you suggested.

    Everything is fine, and our other renovations also went well. we decided to keep the hot water hear, and we're very glad we did. Much nicer than the forced-air system in our other house.

    Thanks again.



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