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Thanks for the information on that skumbag....
I always thought he had another reason to be
so snotty to the plumbers who did not agree with him
and cheering on Tankless water heaters.....

of course this all went down a few years ago 2009, and I would be willing to bet that this guy
has moved on because the Tax incentives have gone away....

he probably has lost his ass and
gone out of business by now being 2013.
Thanks for the endorsement!

Whether Dominic was just astroturfing for ThermoDrain or not, his initial posts had that appearance, and despite his wailing about being attacked he has neglected to actually deny it.

My impression that it was astroturfing came from his stated comittment to buying from them, even after I pointed out where to get equal or higher performance products built by a competitor for substantially less money buying wholesale through EFI. His initial posting reads almost like an ad for Thermodrain as to why it is the better choice, his second posting dredged up long-since resolve ancient-history of an early manufacturing issue the competitor had experienced, and claimed that his choice was cheaper, despite EFIs published price list indicating the converse.

Maybe he just didn't get it, or maybe he did and is simply so enamored of the product that it's worth spending the extra money to him for reasons unstated, beats me. But his charm offensive seems to have set some sort of record on this forum.