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Thread: Questions about replacing a shower

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    Default Questions about replacing a shower

    I am planning to replace my 1970's fiberglass tub/shower unit with a shower made of cultured marble. Before I start ripping anything apart, I just want to make sure I am in the ballpark on a few matters.

    The backer is my big trouble spot. After reading on this forum, it looks like the safest material would be a cement board such as Durock with tar paper behind it, using some sort of waterproof joint compound (what is the brand name of that stuff, anyway?). Or, another option is to use denshield with no vapor barrier, but again with a waterproof joint compound. Am I right on these points?

    The issue that I have no clue about is how far to run this backing material up the wall. The shower walls will be six feet high. Do I run the Durock/Denshield just up to the six feet mark, or do I go ahead and use it all the way up to the ceiling?

    Thanks for your help. This is a great forum!

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    If you are using cultured marble panels on the walls, it would not be necessary to put backer board behind this. The manufacturer of the material will provide instructions. You will want a moisture barrier, and it will be important the the moisture barrier and the wall material overlap the flange or upsweep of the premade or custom floor pan.

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    tape the joints of cement board with thinset and mesh tape

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    Scrap the whole cultured marble idea and go to ceramic tile.
    John Bridge, Ceramic Tile Setter :-)


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    I really love the look of tile, but I have scrubbed grout for too many years. I'll have tile again when I can afford to hire someone else to clean it


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