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Thread: health hazards from "toilet plume" aerosol

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    Oh, those booties are dangerous. They are slippery on surfaces, Matt. I tell anyone who comes into my home to leave their shoes on. I always laid a big blanket out onto the floor when the boys were little and put their toys onto that, and I swept often and they are in their 20's today. We take our shoes off and wear slippers with non-slip bottoms, but our guests in our home, never. Also, consider you might also be inviting bacteria onto your rugs from their sweaty, and maybe, dirty feet. People always wipe their shoes on the welcome mat.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FloridaOrange View Post
    I would respect your wish to not take off your shoes but then if you don't have "booties" then you would not be my plumber.

    And my house (contrary to my wife's opinion) is super clean 23-1/2 hours a day.
    While you may keep your house spotless with my luck I would be their on that half-hour and the pop will go right through the booties. I would kindly and graciously leave your home.

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