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Thread: health hazards from "toilet plume" aerosol

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    Wink health hazards from "toilet plume" aerosol

    It's no secret that toilets produce a plume of fine aerosol containing fecal bacteria, etc, that could be a health hazard.



    I never gave this much thought until I put in a Toto about ten years ago--don't know exact model. If flushes very well, but there is a lot of agitation and some splashing of the bowl contents.
    Must be a builder grade CST703 with washdown bowl.
    The siphon jet Toto bowls don't do that.
    We need a couple of toilets and would like to choose ones with a less agitated flush, that hopefully would spew less aerosol.

    Has anybody compared toilets from this point of view? Suggestions?

    Interesting article: http://www.poopreport.com/intellectu...ic_toilet.html


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