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Thread: Spray Foam Insulation for Vented Porch Crawlspace??

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    Question Spray Foam Insulation for Vented Porch Crawlspace??

    Is this a good idea?

    Joists are presently too far apart to use standard fiberglass insulation, I'd have to 2X4 sections to create the 16". I see the pro's but my only con is:

    I don't like the idea of insulating over the wires that run between joists. What if in the future I need access to those wires? Is this a justifiable concern? Are there any other concerns?

    Thanks in advance...

    An Afterthought: If I use regular insulation, would the vapor barrier face up, or down towards the ground. I can cut the bats to fit the 22" runs and staple them up with another material like the thin paper like aluminum insulation...just a thought.
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