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Thread: Matching Old Ceramic Tile

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    Default Matching Old Ceramic Tile

    In order to replumb my bathroom sink, I had to remove several ceramic tiles from a wall. The house was built in 1935 and since the tile was there in the 1980's when the previous owner bought it, neither of us know where to obtain replacement tile. I've heard that some tile retailers are able to determine the manufacturer of old tile based on the maker's mark (pattern) on the reverse side of the tile.

    Have you ever experienced this? Do you know of a retailer or distributor in GA that can help me with this? It's a beautiful peppered-green tile and I really don't want to replace it all with new, esp. since I want to sell the house soon.

    I greatly appreciate your repsonse.


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    you will never match the tile color and size...the best thing to do is get some colored tile and make it look like the new tile is for accent...make it look like that is how it is supposed to be..

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    Default tile

    The size may be standard, but the color and pattern will be impossible to match. It would be even if the tile were only a few years old, since colors and patterns change every couple of years as tastes change. Even if you bought enough tile to redo the room, if the "dye lot" numbers are not the same, the tiles could appear different.

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    First problem, if we are talking 4 X 4, they used to be 4" X 4", but almost all are now 4 1/4 X 4 1/4. As for colors and textures, just forget about it! I know this is not applicable to you...but many plumbers and remodelers can walk into a bathroom or kitchen,,,take one look at the tiles and tell you what decade the house is from ....30's/40's/50's/60's etc etc.@!!

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    To redo it is such a big job and if you are going to sell, I would do what Cass suggested. I might look around in the bathroom to see if I could strategically take out a few ( if a few is what you are talking about) and put it in the more noticeable place where you had to replumb. Then, do what Cass said in the less noticeable place. Just kind of swapping some tiles around.

    I would not spend the money if you are thinking of selling. Sometimes people buy older homes because they love it and are willing to spend the time and money to find just the right tiles to finish the job. When it comes to older homes, I tread really easily on redoing it some people buy it for those reasons. They don't want the newer stuff of today.

    Right now is not the time to invest your money into redoing anything in the home to make it marketable. That rule of thumb is gone right now. Sell it as is, you will fare better especially, with the right buyer who loves the older homes. I love the older homes as well, much more character and charisma. To me, nothing worse than looking at a flipped house. I would rather see an older home with a few older tiles missing.
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    Thumbs up matching old tiles

    Contact me and we can see if it can be matched.
    We do all sorts of reproductions...

    Lascaux Tile Company
    Los Angeles


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