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Thread: How to disconnect Champion pressurized tank

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    Default How do I disconnect Champion pressurized tank?

    I need to replace pipes leading to the Champion pre-pressurized tank from the well head. The tank is fine, but the Tee connection is basically flat on the floor in front of tank. Is this easy? I'm pretty good with most plumbing, but this house (with a well) is an all new kettle of fish! Is it as simple as: 1. turn off well pump. 2. turn on a faucet to deplete water and/or pressure in the pressurized tank. 3. Cut old pipes and replace with new. 4. Turn on well pump and wait for water pressure to return to normal when pressure tank has re-filled with water. ? Is water going to flow all over the floor when I cut the pipes before and after the tank?
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    1 thru 4 looks good to me Phil.

    If the tank is still good, and you run the faucet, when the water stops the tank should be empty. You will get a little water from the pipes.



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