I am remodeling my bathroom which includes installing new fixtures. I plan to use all PEX. The existing pipe in my house is PB. I am using the Uponor (Wirsbo) PEX and plan to cut off the PB and connect it to PEX where it comes through slab. I already bought the PB to PEX fittings from PEXSupply.

However, the PB to PEX fittings do not come with a crimp ring for the PB side of the fitting. Since I don't have a PB crimp tool, I was planning on calling a local Plumber to make the connection/crimp.

My question is, would this "PB to PEX fitting" use a standard crimp ring (if there is such a thing as a standard for PB)? Will the Plumber have the right parts on hand?

Are all the 1/2" and 3/4" PB rings the same or were there different "brands" of PB requiring different sizes/types of crimp rings (like we see with PEX fittings)?

I don't want my Plumber to just use whatever crimp ring he has in his tool box (not knowing any better) if there is a special ring needed.

I should/will call Uponor but I thought I'd start here.