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Thread: Flange extender for lead waste pipe

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    Default Flange extender for lead waste pipe

    We will soon be installing porcelain tile in an existing bathroom and we'll need to add flange extenders. The original lead waste pipe is formed over the existing brass flange; the house was built in 1959 and this plumbing appears to be original. My local DIY plumbing supplier recommended cutting out this existing flange and replacing with new ABS - not a happy solution as I really don't want to disturb either the tongue in groove fir sub floor or the finished ceiling beneath the bathroom.

    Should I fashion and shim around this existing lead to make the flange extender sit on top of this mess evenly or can I trim the lead flush with the flange? If I do trim the flange Ill likely replace the brass flange with a fresh one. Is there a sleeve I can insert to direct the flow as this lead liner will no longer reach up to the bottom of the toilet?

    Sorry for the many scenarios. A photo of the current flange with a temporary 3/8 sub floor in place is attached.

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