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Thread: fasteners

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    Question fasteners

    I have questions regarding Ramset and Paslode fasteners.

    I have contacted both companies directly and the products they recommend for the project I will describe below are not available through local hardware stores.

    Perhaps someone here could make a suggestion.

    I will be fastening 2x6 and 2x4 treated plates to a basement floor. I have a Ramset powder actuated .22cal gun and would like to use 2 1/2 in. drive pins with washers. From what I have read, the fasteners should be ACQ approved (for treated lumber). I can find an abundunce of the pins that are not specifically ACQ safe.

    Does any one here believe that using the "standard" pins would corrode that quickly that this it would be a risk to use?

    Second question: I will be fastening studs into the treated bottom plate. I would like to use my Paslode IMCT nailer. Again, finding smooth ACQ approved 3" x.131 or 3" x .120 nail strips are like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

    Will using the "bright" nails present that great of a risk from a corrosion and breakdown of strength perspective that I should only use the ACQ approved nails that I cannot find in local stores?

    Thanks for opinions.

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    Around here, HD and Lowes carries the 3" ACQ for Ramset (or similar). They come in boxes of 100. You want to use ACQ fastners. If not, there will be nothing left of your nails after a few months.

    Your other option is to use tapcons.


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