Hey guys,

I just bought a 1950 house where the only ideal place to do laundry is in the basement. The previous owners had simply drained the washer directly into the floor drain (via an ABS standpipe strapped to the block wall), but I'm guessing that this is not a code-approved practice.

Assuming that using the floor drain is not OK, I figure the most economical solution will be to install a laundry tray that drains to an above-ground pump. I've never installed a pump before and I have a few questions:

1. The pump will lift about 7' and then drain over to the existing stack about 10' away. Do I still need to install a trap and vent at the top of the lift (i.e. do I treat the top of the lift as being like a normal fixture drain)?

2. The laundry tray will drain directly into the pump - do I need to install a trap and vent between the tray and the pump? I can't see why I would, given that there are no sewer gases that can rise out of the pump... but maybe I'm not considering something?

3. The existing stack is cast-iron, and I'd really like to avoid cutting into it. At the bottom of the stack is a Y-fitting with a cleanout. Can I simply extend the cleanout and install a Y to drain into it from above?