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Thread: QUEST PIPE and obligations to homeowners...

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    Cool QUEST PIPE and obligations to homeowners...

    I just came from a 1990 350k two story home with a basement ,,,, bought just 18 days ago....

    They got an inspection and on the report
    it said I quote...

    "The home has pb pipe and should be monitored."

    thats it... no warnings, nothing stateing the problems with PB pipe....

    or ....BUYER BEWARE!!!!

    is that a good enough job here folks?????

    its as if the homeowner should just understand what this all means and its implicatioins....without anything more than one sentance in a 25 page report..

    is this right???

    well they do know about it now,

    after I had to tear open a wall in the garage and repair a spraying pb conncetion that has basically flooded out the water heater and taken out the
    walls in the mechanical room...
    black mold everywhere too...


    My question here is , if I pay someone to find problems , shouldent this be somehow highlighted in the report....and explained to me???

    isnt PB pipe a VERY BAD THING???

    Did this inspector drop the ball here for those poor people???

    Do they have any legal recourse against anyone here??? Realtor, Inspector, ect???

    Honestly, if the home owners had really been made aware of this issue by the insepctor, I am pretty sure they could have probably talked down the price of the house at least $25k

    I thought the lady was going to start crying
    right on the spot when I expalined to her everything bad about PB pipe.... Told her to have her husband call me .

    I Just got off the phone with him and told him he should at the very least tear his inspector a new one...

    Soes anyone have any opinions here on what legal recourse these people have----if any,---
    against the inspector , cause they will be fixing pipes forever...

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    Unfortunately what you are asking is a very legal issue.

    Is PB a "bad thing"? Ask a plumber and he says yes. Ask a lawyer, he says if blah blah and before blah blah and pipe marked blah blah but if you had blue pipe with green fittings blah blah.

    It seems that home inspector reports spend much time with legal disclaimers that they can't see this and they couldn't move that and they are not responsible for anything. I suppose they occasionally mention a bad condition that the buyer might not otherwise have been aware of, but the horror stories seem to outnumber the success stories. Of course, we only hear about the problems.

    In this case, I guess my main comment is that I would think the inspector could have recommended that the purchaser do his own research on the subject, or call in a licensed plumber for further evaluation.

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    Default Pb

    Well, first they should call the PB claims group. I don't have my paperwork from them in front of me, but I originally read that the piping was only covered for 12 years, but the last time I read it, I saw something about 16 years so they should call and see if they are still covered.

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    Getting REAL tired of these home inspectors !! Not responsable for anything,scaring homeowners with problems that don't exist. Yeah Mark, you are right,,,,someone needs to step up and not just let these people have their way . Lots of money for NO RESPONSABILITY !!

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    Default inspections

    Home inspections are a lawyer thing for the most part.
    Then you have to have an inspection and the poor boy has to justify the trip .
    So he finds something unimportant to correct and it makes him look like he earned his pay. An inspector can always find something in an imperfect world
    to put down on his clip board.
    I don't believe that the public is protected any better by these folks.


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