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Thread: Water Problem

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    Exclamation Water Problem

    Hi, I am having a problem with water leaking from above my door. The water is leaking from the top left side on the pic. I have run some flshing on the top to redirect the water that is running down the siding from getting inside the channel on the top of the door. We had a bad storm yesterday, amd I noticed water leaking again. Note, there is now brick moulding installed on the front. Thanks

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    Default Flashing and drips

    An unprotected exterior door is always prone to leaks and drips.

    There is a number of trim details on your home left and right and the most likely reason for your leaks is failed chaulking and missing flashing.

    The building code change not so long ago and the new flashing requirements are much stricter and now we have rain screen engineers and the lot up here in Vancouver.

    Best advice I could give you is to pull down the siding and trim details in and around your door and make sure there is 60 min building paper and proper flashing. I would be tempted to build you a short stand off roof to protect the top of the door.

    Good Luck

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    How far behind the siding should the flashing extend up? I think the problem here is that there is no where for the water to go, above the door the siding gos up 3 floors, so you get all that water running down.

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    Assuming there is tar paper or a building wrap on the house, if it is applied properly, it is up like shingles. If the flashing is behind that, it shouldn't matter how far up and how far the water might flow behind the siding. Properly applied siding should not allow water flow, though, in the first place. Ice and water shield can help, too.
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    It look like the water was running off the top of the garage door and getting behind the trim around the garage door. I added some flashing around the trim and I caulked where the flashing where it meets the trim so if water gets behind, it will only be able to run down and not behind the trim. As for right above entry door, it looks like the edge of the flashing was not caulked so the water could get into the side where the flashing above the door and the trim next to it met, I caulke it and it looks like there is not more leak.

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    For areas where water can pool (for example on a door step) I have always had problems using acrylic caulk to prevent leakages from torrential rain.

    Silicone or polyurethane caulk is much better if you start to notice leaks from small areas of caulk failing in very heavy rains.

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    Yes, I used silicone caulk that is ment for outside doors and windows. Where I had to overlap the flashing, I was thinking of using some duck tape to bond them togeather, I was also thinking of puting duck tape in the corner where the caulk, because when the siding channel butts up against it, I dont want it to rip the caulk. Anyone think this is a good idea?

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    I think you should find a solution that requires no duct tape--that just screams hack all over it.

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    Well I was thinking due to the fact that the flashing will be covered up, the duck tape can go over the caulking, so when I set the siding back in place it won't cause any damage to the caulking, just in case. The duck tape is not ment to keep out the water. Is there anything else I could use. I just don't want to go to all this hassle and have the siding channel puncture the bead of caulk that will sit behind it, I wont' be able to tell until it rains. Thanks


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