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Thread: What sealant for window well?

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    Default What sealant for window well?

    My brother installed a hinged window well cover earlier this year. Where the cover meets the brick of the house he used clear silicone seal. A couple of weeks ago we discovered that the silicone seal did not adhere well to the brick and has pulled away. Before I attempt to seal this again, I'm wondering if anyone has any specific suggestions for a sealant or caulk that would adhere well to both the plastic window well cover and the brick.

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    A masonry type caulk might work well and cleaning the surface before application of any caulk is the most important thing you can do...it must be bone dry when applied also...

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    Thanks for the reply Cass. Apparently the masonry caulks are made of polyurethane, which is a pretty aggressive sealant. If anything can stick to both the brick and the plastic, that would be it.


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