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Thread: Deepest rough-in out there?

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    Default Deepest rough-in out there?

    I have tons of rough-in space behind an outlet installed in concrete. My constraint is room *in front* of the toilet. A guy at Home Depot said they used to be able to order a 17" rough-in toilet, but not anymore.

    Does anyone have any recommendations for an extremely deep rough-in toilet? Specifically, one with the waste port very close to the front of the base and not just with a bigger tank to take up space behind the unit. The Toto Unifit seems like a good option, but I only see 14" max.


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    I've never heard of a rough-in larger than 14". Lots of luck...time to tear up some concrete.
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    Don't let the thought of breaking out some concrete talk you into keeping the set up you have. Break it out, change the drain to give yourself a 12" rough in. You might want to hire a professional concrete cutting company to do the concrete removal, they will be fast and more importantly, clean. I would also suggest a professional plumber to deal with positioning the and installing the flange.


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