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Thread: I just do not understand police in America

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    I have to agree with Jimbo. During my younger days I once rode my motorcycle out the front door of a bar where a buddy of mine worked, a couple of blocks from where I was living. It was a 1969 BSA Rocket 3, and I had parked it inside because it was a beast start cold in the winter. A city cop in a patrol car seemed to think this was all a bit unusual and hit the lights. I was stone cold sober and figured I'd go ahead and head for the house figuring to plead ignorance and have the bike in the driveway. The officer was less than amused by my failure to pull over immediately and I freely admit to being a smarta$$ as he administered the field sobriety the test. I nailed the backwards ABC's and did a pirouette after successfully turning 360 with my eyes closed and arms out. He looked at me and said something to the effect of "son, I can't charge you with DUI but PD (public drunkenness) is at my discretion." I got to: spend the remainder of the night in the drunk tank, have a soggy p-nut butter sandwich for breakfast, and pay a fine. I've never been anything short of courteous to law enforcement since.
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