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Thread: I just do not understand police in America

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    Default I just do not understand police in America

    In England, it's easy. There is the police, they drive cars, and they can arrest you.

    In America, it's a lot more tricky. There's State Troopers, county police, town police, metro police, park police, the sheriff, the FBI, the CIA and a whole lot more. And they all drive cars with flashing lights on top.

    So who does what, and what can they do to me?

    Put another way, if I drive by one of these guys in a car and give them the Bird which ones can chase me and arrest me?

    A State Trooper?

    A State Trooper who happens to be out of State?

    A County Sheriff?

    The Park Police?

    I just don't get it. Which ones could someone Bird and where?

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