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Thread: sewer gas in master shower drain ???

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    Default sewer gas in master shower drain ???

    I have sewer smell coming from my shower drain. There is nothing plugged and the water heater is new (we have tried other water in the house, no smell). When we flush the toilet in this bathroom, there is gurgling in the pipes and when we watch the shower drain, the water level goes down, then bubbles a little and fills back up. This is when we smell the sewer smell the most. Also, when we shower first thing in the morning, the smell is bad. We had a bunch of water leaks (frozen pipes) from this bathroom when we bought the house 4 months ago and had them all repaired. Is this related? How do I fix it? Please say I don't have to tear into the ceiling below it - I just had it re-drywalled!!!



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    Default extra info

    I forgot to mention, we are on city sewer and water and none of the neighbors have the problem!

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    I'm not sure what the problem is exactly, but let's eliminate some of the things you are questioning. The problem is in no way connected to the source of your water, or to the repairs in the water supply lines. It is a drain problem. The sewer gas is getting past the trap in the shower when the water in the trap recedes as the toilet is flushed. This may be due to improper venting, but I'm not sure. I would hope HJ, Terry, and/or one of the other pros will have a better idea of why the water is sucking out of the trap.

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    Default smell

    Sounds like your drain in that area of the house is partially plugged, or that the drain may be pitched uphill a little.
    Can you run a hose up on the roof and down the stack for that bathroom
    Also you should be able to use the 2" trap in the shower for a c.o.
    See if you can get a Kohllman or Ridig electric drain cleaner an clean drain from the shower trap....

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    Sounds like the toilet is siphoning out the trap.

    If the shower drain had a vent between the trap and the main line, it would prevent that.

    Looks like someone saved a buck and now you have this problem.
    I think think that stinks!

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    Default i agree with terry

    sounds like missing vent to me also


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